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[COMPLETED] Late Payables#62

Get richer by paying your suppliers on time
You know it.
Your objective must always be to retain your cash as long as possible without harming your relationships with your suppliers.

Paying too late is dangerous. Plus, it has a cost.

Putting pressure on your future cash-flow

In future transactions, the provider may require an immediate or pre-payment, which will require you to find the necessary money and will impose an opportunity cost on your business that you could have avoided. The opportunity cost consists of renouncing an interest-free loan for the time of the delay granted for payment

More expensive alternative

The supplier may discontinue the business relationship with your organization, forcing you to spend time, and money, to find a replacement that may be more expensive or of lower quality.

Your reputation can suffer

A company that frequently exceeds payment terms with a supplier exposes itself to a weak trade credit rating, which can damage your reputation and complicate relations with your other suppliers.

Lower bargaining power

The seller may also insert an ownership clause in the contract of sale, allowing him to remain the owner of the goods sold until you actually pay for them.

To achieve this objective, you must have a tool to ensure the efficient management of your supplier debts.

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