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[COMPLETED] Add expenses#57

Users are also interested in knowing the profit;
Users wants forecast their cash flow requirement as well.
Both points require kopilot to handle expenses.

In most cases, Harvest users do not record their expenses in Harvest.
On our side, retrieving expenses from QuickBooks is not ready.

Meanwhile, we do not want longer that our users continue on being blind over their expenses. Especially in those critical times, and the uncertain times to come.

It can also help you to paliate the differement of the recording in your accounting system.

The first step consists of allowing you to input expenses in kopilot.
The input is manual. It allows us to deliver something valuable to you quickly rather than waiting for the fully integrated solution.

Input an expense

  1. You may record expenses in the past to get your historical data in kopilot.
  2. You may as well record expenses for the future to help you with planning cash flow and making sure the ends meet at the end of the month.

Types of records

Two types of manual input co-exist.

  1. A global amount : for hurried people, or in case you do not want to invest the time to input every single received invoices, sales receipt, etc. You may enter a global for a month for instance.
  2. A purchase: for those who want to manage their cash flow in detail, they may record every single invoice whether they are already paid, open or to receive. This is the ideal solution to anticipate the money that is going to leave your bank accounts.
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