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Redesign the Harvest Connector#46

Without becoming too technical, Harvest sets limits for the number of calls any app can do to retrieve its data. If some data is retrievable in bulk,the situation is different for the invoice payment data.

We need to call each invoice to get its payment details. And some of you have many many invoice (more than 14k!). With so many invoices we systematically hit the limit imposed on us, or the synchronization delays were at least excessive, or even unacceptable (up several hours).

Connector was reworked to improve its performance and speed. So did we. And refreshing the payment details takes only a couple of minutes.

This improvement is the cornerstone for what’s coming next and to ensure we are able to recover the payment details for each of the invoices.

Recovering all payment details was the last missing piece to end our developments over retainers.

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